Sunset Rides

Level :s2 -> s3
Duration: 17:00->22:00

Welcome to Flow School, the premier mountain bike guide and shuttle company offering an experience like NO OTHER.

 We are proud to introduce our exclusive SUNSET RIDES, a groundbreaking concept in the world of mountain biking.

In partnership with Lupin, a renowned German brand producing top-quality sportive lights, we are breaking new ground in Finale Ligure and its surrounding areas.

While other companies wrap up their day, we are just getting started, offering tours that begin at the perfect time to witness a stunning sunset.

By starting our tours as the day winds down, we guarantee that you will have the trails all to yourself.

Even the most popular routes become a PRIVATE PLAYGROUND for our riders. 

Imagine the serenity of riding through nature's beauty, with only the mesmerizing colors of the sunset and the darkness of night guiding your path.

To enhance your experience, we provide each rider with a professional headlight from Lupin. 

These high-performance lights not only illuminate your way, but they also enhance safety and optimize the thrill of riding under the starry night sky. This is mountain biking at its most magical.

But our offerings don't end there. We believe in providing a complete and unforgettable experience for our riders. That's why we conclude our sunset ride with a delightful dinner, allowing you to relax and relish in the memories made during your adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned mountain biker or just beginning your journey, our sunset rides are tailored to suit all levels of experience. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through exhilarating trails while ensuring your safety and enjoyment.

Book your sunset ride today and join us for an unparalleled mountain biking experience. 

Explore the trails at a unique time of day, bask in the beauty of the sunset, conquer the night, and end your tour with a delicious dinner. It doesn't get any better than this.