"Beyond Finale" 4x4

Not a first timer in the area, and actually want to ride something different or less crowded or more wild? Look no further!

Level :s2 -> s3

Amount of trails: 6/7

Duration: 9:00 -> 17:00

Our local guides will bring you discovering some different trails designed for people who love natural, wild singletrack. Way less accessible to the masses, these special trails located on the "Monte Carmo",the highest mountain in the region,  are accessible only through a 4 wheel drive shuttle (Land Rover Defender) riding up to almost 1400m above the sea. On clear days you will enjoy a 360 degree view from mountain peaks to sea. During some periods of the year you might even see the Corsica Island mountain profile over the horizon.

Lunch time is an important moment. Our focus is on providing a fun experience on your bike as much as we wish you to taste the best local cuisine and traditions. During our tour will set for you lunch in typical tavern, with homemade food and local ingredients.

Our Defender can carry up to 7 people, but if more, no problem, we have more options.

For prices and availability please contact us